Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have been writing since I could first hold a pencil, or a crayon, or a pen, or whatever effective implement was closest at that moment. Poems, nonsensical song lyrics, short stories with personified rabbits as characters. I have been writing about science, mostly medicine, professionally for the past four or so years; meanwhile, I have been writing various personal projects on digital platforms, at least extensively, for the past five years. Over the past number of months, more now than I can quickly tally, I have been frustrated. Frustrated with my own lack of creative output, something that has become a comfortably stagnant inertia, frustrated with the lack of intellectual engagement with some of my current professional projects, and frustrated with, at the most general, issues of scientific dialogue, knowledge exchange, and the media. How both new research, and established scientific theory, are contextualized in contemporary culture and the ramifications of these contexts, both subtle and significant.

These plaguing frustrations are not completely mutually exclusive nor completely overlapping, but they are importantly interconnected in that these areas are how I spend my time and how I exert, or wish to exert, my neural capacity. And lately, I am not satisfied. I procrastinate, I indulge in the decaying and the mundane; in many ways, allow a sort of mental stagnation to soothe and numb me. Or, perhaps worse, allow a near incessant stream of inner monologue commentary on these very frustrations go neglected or forgotten. Taking the proverbial grab-my-own-bootstraps-approach has, in past experience, been most successful in shaping my circumstance and my own sense of fulfillment; waiting for fate often leaves much to be desired. Simply, I need to write, and to commit thoughts into organized writing, more, and not merely to earn my salary.

So, the creation of a new project for myself, one to hopefully satiate those near carnal needs to create, to write, to interface intimately with issues of import, whether they be viral or arcane. My plan is to document thoughts, feelings, rants, theses on my passions, science, the arts, hauntology, evolution, nostalgia, the future, semiotics, and the points at which these passions intersect, in a longer, hopefully more coherent and organized, format. A place for consilient synthesis between the left and the right. Writing with the purpose of both processing and supplying analysis, and perhaps even some interesting meaning. Not to supersede or serve as substitute to other creative works, such as my prose poems, my idle discussions of a story book for children, my fiction, but, ideally, to complement them, fortify them, infuse them with nuance or added dimension. While all of my writing projects are primarily for my own sanity and thriving life-force, the opportunity to share and to potentially foster discussion is always exhilarating; thus, a public and open forum.  Welcome.

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